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My Shortcodes Menu item

My Shortcodes Menu item

Getting Started

Once you have installed and activated the plugin, Look for the My Shortcodes Menu item on the admin menu.

From here you’ll have access to your “My Shortcodes” admin console. This will list and categorise all your shortcodes you have build or installed. Yes, you can download, share and install shortcodes that you have made.

My Shortcodes Admin Console

admin console

Admin Console Anatomy

The console is where you organise, create and manage your shortcodes.

On the left of the console is the category menu. Shortcodes are manged by category. Selecting the category opens the list of shortcodes in that category.

In the top tool bar you have 3 buttons:

  1. New Shortcode – takes you to the shortcode creation page
  2. Import – opens the import shortcode tab for installing downloaded or backed up shortcodes.
  3. How it works – shows a diagram of how the shortcode parts are rendered to help developers understand the process.


Shortcode Items

Shortcode Item

Shortcode Item Anatomy

Here you’ll be able to edit, export or delete your shortcodes.

By default the options panel is closed, clicking the options panel button will toggle it open and closed. If a shortcode has no attributes then this panel and button wont be shown.

Edit Button: This will take you to the shortcode editor for the delected shortcode. in the editor you can make changes to the shortcode such as change the template code, add atrributes and place it in a new category.

Export Button: This will export the shortcode as a .ce file. you can share this file with a friend or keep it as a backup. this file contains all the shortcodes programming.

Delete Button: clicking delete will load a confirmation panel, click the check icon to confirm or cancel to return.